On March 13, 2020 Veterans Treatment Court welcomed Vinny "Rmeguy" (and his parents) for a visit. Vinny, an advocate for all Veterans, collected funds at a local supermarket and decided that he make a donation to Veteran's Treatment Court. We are very proud and honored by the kindness of this wonderful young man. Thank you Vinny!


Additional Information

If you are unfamiliar with what we do, the most important document for a struggling veteran who has accepted responsibility for a qualifying felony or misdemeanor offense can be downloaded from our Forms Page. Download the "start _here" .pdf form.  This brochure contains information about whom to contact and procedures for applying to the program. 

The Northeast Wisconsin review hearings are open proceedings and are held in the Brown County Courthouse, Judicial Branch 8, 2nd Floor, 100 S. Jefferson St. Green Bay, WI 54305.  

Court proceedings are held on Friday mornings at 9:00 am.


About Us


Mission Statement

The Mission of the Northeast Wisconsin Veterans Treatment Court (NEWVTC) is to aid our veterans who have stumbled and entered the justice system.  We will help them get back on their feet by using resources available in our community while constantly being aware of public safety needs.

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 The best way to reach us is via email. 


This website is not affiliated with Brown County, Wisconsin.  This website is intended to support the Northeast Wisconsin Veterans Treatment Court.