'Leave No Veteran Behind'

The Mission of the Northeast Wisconsin Veteran's Treatment Court (NEWVTC) is to aid our veterans who have stumbled and entered the justice system.  We will help them get back on their feet by using resources available in our community while constantly being aware of public safety needs.


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This website is not affiliated with Brown County, Wisconsin.  This website is intended to support the Northeast Wisconsin Veteran's Treatment Court.


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 How it works:

When a veteran has legal issues he or she has an option to volunteer for Veteran's Court instead of going through the regular court system.  In almost all cases the Veteran's Court path is more difficult than the regular court path, but veterans are familiar with doing things the hard way.  If accepted, the veteran is paired with a Veteran mentor and progresses through four stages that usually take about eighteen months to complete.  The veteran must maintain absolute sobriety and attend all scheduled appointments or counseling sessions plus appearing in Veteran's Court regularly.  Veterans choosing this path do so because they want to change their lives to become better citizens and/or better parents or spouses.   Once accepted into the Veteran's Treatment Court they become part of a unit dedicated to helping them achieve that goal. 


Veteran's Treatment Court is an entirely volunteer organization!


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